General Medicine

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Education is the Best Medicine

We feel strongly that educating our clients on how to prevent disease and maintain their pet’s health is the most effective “medicine.” However, if your pet does become ill, our skilled and well equipped medical staff is ready to treat just about any type of illness. Whether your pet has itchy skin, a red eye, a urinary issue or an annoying cough, we can help. PMVC also has the knowledge and facilities to care for emergencies and critically ill pets.

We are proud to utilize the most current technology to diagnose and treat your pet. In hospital complete blood count, blood chemistry, and electrolyte analyzers provide our veterinarians with blood work results within minutes. A fully functional oxygen cage can deliver life-saving oxygen to those patients suffering from respiratory or cardiac disorders. Automated I.V. fluid pumps help ensure our hospitalized patients receive the proper dosage of fluids and medications. Additionally, vital parameter monitors allow testing of our patients’ blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels.

General Medicine equipment at Pine MeadowCommon Pet Issues Seen in Florida

Constant scratching? Ear infections? Allergies? Although these are common problems in Florida, they can be difficult to diagnose and treat causing frustration for the pet and pet owner. PMVC can improve your pet’s quality of life. Even if previous treatments have been unsuccessful, we can offer relief, recommend alternative treatments and even refer your pet to a board certified veterinary dermatologist if needed.

Does your pet have special dietary needs? We stock multiple prescription diets and treats for dogs and cats. From weight loss to kidney disease, we have a diet that can help. Don’t see the food your pet needs? No problem. We can order all types of prescription foods and most prescription foods can even be delivered right to your door. Ask us for more information.

At PMVC, we work continuously to improve our knowledge, skills, and equipment to better care for your pet.