Does your pet need a nail trim, heartworm test, or weight check? Our trained technicians can help with these and other services that do not require an office visit. Learn more.

Pine Meadow Veterinary Clinic offers many services to our clients:

Wellness Care Services


Our boarding facility is comprised of stainless steel kennels and standing runs. We provide a sensitive stomach diet, blankets, and stainless steel bowls to all pets. All dogs are walked three times a day and cats have a separate room to minimize their stress.


Our veterinarians can meet many of your pet’s surgical requirements, from spaying and neutering to more extensive soft tissue surgeries, including removing bladder stones.


Dental health is important for pets as it is for humans. Pine Meadow Veterinary Clinic offers routine dental cleanings as well as treatment of periodontal disease.


We provide digital x-ray technology for high quality image viewing and accurate diagnosis of our patients.


Collars and tags are excellent ways to identify your pet, but sometimes, those items can break, become damaged or get lost. As a backup method for identifying your pet, should he go missing, consider a microchip. A microchip is implanted under the skin of your pet and is linked to your contact information.

Technician Services

Come to Pine Meadow Veterinary Clinic in Pensacola for Professional Pet Services performed by our highly trained and compassionate Technicians.

General Medicine

We feel strongly that the best “medicine” starts with educating our clients on how to prevent disease and maintain their pet’s health.


Pine Meadow Veterinary Clinic carries multiple over-the-counter pet care products available for sale at our clinic in Pensacola, Florida.