Pine Meadow Veterinary Clinic carries multiple over-the-counter pet care products available for sale at the clinic. These products do not require a prescription or doctor visit. Please visit our online pharmacy Vetsource. These and many other products can be shipped directly to your home through Vetsource.

Grooming Supplies:

Pet Products and Grooming SuppliesShampoos:

  • EFA Sunripened Raspberry – contains essential fatty acids for a shiny healthy coat
  • Pearlybrite – a whitening and brightening shampoo for white or light colored pets
  • Sugar Cookie – a tearless shampoo for general bathing
  • Dermal Soothe – an anti-itch shampoo with an essence of almonds

Body Sprays:

  • Sweet pea/Vanilla
  • Sunripened Raspberry
  • Groom Aid – fresh scent, non-greasy, shine and helps detangleGrooming Products and Pet Supplies
  • Seasonal – Pumpkin pie and Spiced Apple

Ear Care:

  • Cleaning and & Drying Flush
    • Eliminate moisture and odor from the ears. Surfactants break up and remove waxy discharges. Use after every bath and swim session to minimize build up and ear infections.
    • Available in a variety of pleasant scents:
      • Eucalyptus
      • Cucumber Melon
      • Sweet Pea/Vanilla
      • Cherry Blossom
  • Medicated Flush
    • Pharmaseb
    • Chlorhexidine
      • Both are antiseptic flushes with antibacterial and anti-yeast activity. Help prevent and treat ear infections. Especially useful for reoccurring ear problems. For general cleaning or moisture removal, see our non-medicated flushes above.
  •   Ear Cleaning Handout

Eye Care:

  • Tear Stain Supplement – a natural oral supplement that decreases the redish brown discoloration commonly seenPet Products: Vitamins and Joint Supplement
  • Sterile eye wash – safely clean eyes and around eyes, removes dirt or foreign material
  • Pet Facial Wipes – pre-moisturized towelettes
  • Artificial Tears – protect pets’ eyes during baths or help treat dry eyes

Vitamins and Joint Supplements:

  • Pet Form Tablets – chewable multivitamin
  • Cosequin DS Chewables and Capsules – protect joint cartilage with glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Catalyst Chews – omega fatty acid supplement in a palatable non-allergenic soft chew
  • AllerG Liquid Pump – High potency and purity fish oil in a convenient pump
  • Denamarin – protects and heals liver tissue. Combines Sam-E and milk thistle for natural liver health
  • Pet Tinic – iron and Vitamin B supplement in a flavorful liquid
  • Vetri-Science Probiotics – Not all probiotics are equal. High numbers of beneficial bacteria and a variety of bacterial strains make this supplement ideal for the treatment and prevention of multiple gastrointestinal ailments. May also be useful to prevent antibiotic induced gastrointestinal upset.
  • Crananidin – cranberry extract supplement for urinary tract healthFlea, Tick and Mosquito Products


  • Frontline Spray – flea control that can be sprayed and rubbed on pet. Useful for tick attachment sites
  • Vetri-repel spray – repels mosquitoes and other insects
  • Vectra – topical monthly flea control
  • Preventic collar – prevents ticks for up to 3 months
  • Knockout ES Area Treatment – powerful treatment for flea control in your home. DO NOT USE on pets. Follow all directions carefully.
  • Flea combs

Miscellaneous Products:Miscellaneous Pet Products

  • Forbid powder and Coproban Chews – for coprophagic behavior
  • Nail clippers
  • Pill pockets – to hide your pet’s medications in a tasty treat
  • Vetrap – for bandaging
  • Kwik stop and Clotisol
  • Antiseptic oral rinse
  • Toothpaste – Enzadent and CET brands
  • Safe Clip – for insulin needles without the bulk of a Sharps Box
  • Oravet Chews – daily chew for your pet’s dental health